oregon’s new distracted driving law

APD Traffic officer eric tress explains Oregon’s expanded distracted driving law, which goes into effect on October 1, 2017.

Oregon's new distracted driving law takes effect Oct. 1 With it comes a stricter ban on cellphone use while driving and higher fines, which.

The new law, which takes effect Oct. 1, comes with steeper fines, stricter rules and even possible jail time for repeat offenders. Oregon cellphone, distracted driving law brings bigger fines.

Consequently, the texting and driving laws have been recently updated in OR and specify that touching more than a single button or swiping a phone screen more than once is grounds for a citation. Oregon Laws on Distracted Driving for Novice Drivers. According to distracted driving law in OR, novice drivers younger than 18 years old are unable.

On October 1, 2017, an updated version of Oregon’s Distracted Driving law went into effect. Here are the basics: If you are under 18, you can’t use anything while driving, even hands-free.

A new law that takes aim at distracted driving in Oregon goes into place Oct. 1. While it’s long been illegal to talk or text behind the wheel without using a hands-free device, a 2015 Oregon.

What do you need to know about Oregon’s new distracted driving cell phone law? A Salem police traffic patrol officer answers common questions about the new rules.

(A) Complete at the person’s own expense a distracted driving avoidance course approved by the Department of Transportation under ORS 811.508 (Distracted driving avoidance course); and (B) Provide proof of completion to the court.

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Most distracted driving in Oregon consists of cell phone use and texting while driving. Distracted Driving Statistics for Oregon. From the years 2010-2014, vehicle crashes involving drivers of all ages who were distracted or inattentive caused a total of 16,987 crashes. Of those, 58 were fatal crashes and 14,186 people were injured.

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In an effort to crack down on the use of mobile devices while driving, both Oregon and Washington Legislatures passed bills to strengthen current laws. Both states had already outlawed texting and talking on cell phones while driving to varying degrees. Washington’s law is already in effect while Oregon’s will be effective on October 1, 2017.

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A comprehensive rewrite of Oregon’s distracted driving law is now in effect. Targeting various ambiguities in the old law, the new rules focus on the holding of "mobile electronic devices" such as smartphones. "That’s the key," says house bill 2597 author rep. Andy Olson.

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