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Gorse (Ulex europeaus) Control gorse in two stages. First, control established plants. Second, control new plants emerging from seeds that may have been resting in the soil for as long as 30 years. The most effective control program usually combines herbicides, burning, and cultivation or mowing.

Gorse is a state rated "B" noxious weed found mainly along the coast of Oregon. Gorse is highly invasive, extremely flammable, and able to colonize a wide variety of habitats. This flammable plant poses a serious risk to coastal communities in southern Oregon, as well as native flora and fauna.

Gorse reminded Irishman Lord George Bennett of home, so he planted it when he founded the Oregon seaside town of Bandon; years later, the gorse destroyed the city in a fiery cataclysm. It’s usually in the form of a chest-high gray-green mass, sometimes speckled with little yellow flowers like those of Scotch Broom. Its leaves are protected by a tangle of low-grade prickles, like those on a thistle.

Literary gardener rhonda nowak shares a poem and interesting information about gorse, a highly invasive plant along southern Oregon’s coast that makes Himalayan blackberry shrubs in the Rogue.

It’s easy to see why gorse is reviled on Oregon’s south coast. The invasive european plant is hardy, fast growing and covered in inch-long spines that make thickets virtually impassible.

Ironically, the gorse was first introduced to the Oregon Coast by the founder of Bandon, Lord George Bennett, from his native Ireland. [7] Firefighters found that burning gorse reacted to having water squirted on it like a kitchen grease fire -it simply spread burning gobs of gorse everywhere.

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Gorse arrived in Bandon at the hands of Irishman. bars like the Wheelhouse keep their customers cozy by purveying Oregon’s exceptional pinot noirs and plenty of warm atmosphere.

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The Oregon Solutions Southern Oregon Gorse Project will lay the foundation for the mitigation of the highly flammable and invasive gorse plant in the Southern.

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Gorse (Ulex europeaus) is an Oregon State Class B Noxious weed found in abundance on the southern Oregon coast. Gorse was intentionally introduced into the southern Oregon coast in the late 1800s and is now rated one of the top 100 worst invasive species worldwide (World Conservation Union), and the #1 most invasive species on the south coast of Oregon (Oregon State Parks).

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