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Size Matters: Why You Want the Long Cotton Tipped Applicators

Size Matters: Why You Want the Long Cotton Tipped Applicators

Posted by on Aug 5, 2016 in Dentistry |

Q-Tips_German_PackThe invention of the cotton tipped applicator has been credited to Leo Gerstenzang in 1923.  The Polish born American supposedly came up with the idea after watching his wife stick bits of cotton to the end of toothpicks in an effort to reach hard to clean areas.   Thus, the brand we all know today as Q-Tips was born.  In addition to the many household uses that have since been found, there is now a regular demand for them as applicators in the medical and dental fields.

While household cotton tipped applicators are typically two sided and more often found with either a rolled paper or plastic base, applicators for medical use more closely resemble their ancestors and are single-sided tips of cotton at the end of a wooden stick, or occasionally now plastic as well.

The other main differentiating difference in available cotton tipped applicators for the dental office is size.  All applicators are manufactured to a uniform shape and length and that length is usually either three or six inches.  Although many dental offices may stock both, it’s typically a waste of available inventory to bother with the shorter sizes since the six inch applicators tend to be the most universal.

Having the longer length cotton tipped applicators at hand makes it much more convenient for applying topical anesthetic to the rear of a patient’s mouth.  With only a three inch length, there is much more invasion and discomfort in reaching since your hand must reach closer to, or sometimes inside of, the mouth.  Similar for painting on fluoride (if using foam instead of a varnish) having the extra length gives a more flexible reach.  A longer applicator can also be a handy tool to quickly hold a lip in place for patients with a lower lip line.  For uses that require more detail and length is unimportant, it is always possible to hold closer to the base of the stick to gain better accuracy or control.  However, if all you have is the shorter length, there is no way to suddenly get more coverage.

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Even if you’re just using the cotton tipped applicators as their inventor first created them, to help clean tough to reach or small areas, the six inch length once again increases the flexibility and reach that you have to handle almost any task with just one product.

In the end, regardless of whether you choose to stock the shorter length cotton tipped applicators, the most important thing is that the longer ones are always a consistent part of your inventory.

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Preventing Abuse And Fraud Of Healthcare

Preventing Abuse And Fraud Of Healthcare

Posted by on Jun 22, 2016 in Health |

Cases of negligence and abuse in the healthcare system are pretty common, but hardly someone would think that person we hired to help us will have those intentions. Unfortunately, those types of cases are increasing, and they should be legally prosecuted, if they are spotted on time. Fraud and abuse can happen at any level of organization. There are measures which healthcare center and organization have to incorporate in their business to stop such behavior.

Internal controls are necessary

Healthcare center cannot operate with efficiency if it doesn’t have defined a set of rule, which all employees have to comply and internal control provides that. It makes sure that all medical personnel abides the law and regulations, checks the financial reports, protects the asset and implements other measures. The crucial thing with fraud and negligence is to define authorization and control and to separate duties between the employees so that those actions can prevent a fraud and negligence.
Hire decent and honest people

This should be considered, but it doesn’t hurt to mention. When you have a lot of clients to attend and lack of personnel, you will hire anyone who looks decent and inspires a trust, but in that process, you will neglect the facts.

It isn’t enough for you to “feel” that someone is a good person, especially when one small mistake can lead you to bankruptcy. To prevent fraud and abuse, you need to check all your potential employees.

Check the places where they worked before and the reason why they quit, the length of employment, position and their performance on the work. Verify their education, if they have any training and recommendations. A background check of criminal and civil records should be mandatory.

Educate your employees

Every person of the staff should be introduced with policies, regulations, and procedures on how to prevent fraud and abuse in a healthcare organization. Consequences should be especially pointed out. All employees should sign an agreement which should introduce them with this topic and owners should organize monthly training related to healthcare fraud. Healthcare fraud experts should lunch presentation to educate employees on how to avoid and prevent a fraud.

Install a telephone line
This line should use all employees and clients of the health care facility. They will have the opportunity to anonymously report any suspicious behavior that may lead to a fraud or abuse. In this way, the owners of healthcare facility will always be up to date and prevent such type of action.

Organize audits

This is a healthy way to ensure the good progress of the facility. Healthcare centers should organize annual audits and evaluate the work or their facility. They should be random and unannounced, in that way, if these is some suspicious behavior, perpetrators won’t have time to remedy that.

Elderly people need to feel safe and protected, and caregiver needs to provide them that. They should be able to provide them any assistance and sometimes if they cannot go the store, for example, to buy skin care products, a caring, and decent healthcare professional should accompany them.

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